Apollo Pro

NEW: Will now install on 64 bit machines. The installer was removed, and now it is a simple zip file for installation.

Apollo Pro is a completely free query and development tool for Oracle that was written by me, Tim Green, in 1998. It has undergone a lot of changes and upgrades since that first version, and here it is for you to download and use at no cost. I still use it everyday in my life as an Oracle DBA and developer. It is compatible with Oracle versions up to and including 11g.


What is it?

Apollo Pro has many features that make the life of the Oracle professional easier. Apollo Pro will remember usernames and passwords so that opening a new component window is as simple as a single mouse click. This accessibility does not come at the price of security, however. Industry standard, powerful encryption protects your vital information, and a program lock feature ensures that no one but you can use the program while you are away from your computer. An SQL history tracker is integrated into Apollo Pro, to make it easy to store and view past queries. A password change feature makes it a snap to change your Oracle password on many instances at one time. Integrated unit testing with PL/Unit increases productivity and reduces errors (Oracle 8.1.6 or better required).

Read on to find out more about Apollo Pro's features and what it provides to make the Oracle developer or DBA's life a little easier.

What is it not?

This is not a commercially supported, full featured (bloated?) database administration tool. It will not administer the database for you. You have to know what you are doing, and be comfortable with SQL! It is not a PL/SQL debugger either.

Where do I get it?

The best way to evaluate software is to run it and see what it's all about!


SQL Window

The SQL Window is Apollo Pro's answer to the outdated SQL*Plus application. This component has the following main features:

  • The SQL Window is a powerful PL/SQL editor, not requiring a connection to Oracle. Write and edit SQL code all from one simple to use yet powerful interface.
  • Supports many common SQL*Plus commands, as well as allowing the execution of any DDL or DML statement, singly or in succession
  • The output of SELECT statements is shown in a spreadsheet-like grid
  • The grid data can be exported to any number of formats, including CSV, tab delimited, or fixed length.
  • Apollo Pro will generate ready-to-compile PL/SQL code to perform server side data exports, and table encapsulation packages!
  • Substitution and bind variables work just as they do in SQL*Plus.
  • Automatic error highlighting makes finding errors in SQL code quick and easy.
  • Open and Save files to and from FTP servers.
  • Integrated database navigator and file navigator.
  • Integrated unit testing framework (Oracle 8.1.6 or better required).
  • Many more features!

Integration with PL/Unit unit test framework

PL/Unit is a lightweight and small footprint (one database package) unit testing framework for PL/SQL. Check out the tutorial to learn more. Some benefits of unit testing your PL/SQL are:

  • Ensure quality of individual procedures and functions.
  • Provide a safety net for modifying code long after it is completed, ensuring critical requirements continue to work.
  • Provides a sort of coding guide, showing other developers how the code is intended to be used.
  • Helps to ensure complete requirements coverage.

Database Navigator

The Database Navigator is the perfect compliment to the SQL window. You can view meta data about tables, views, and many other objects, and directly interact with data in tables and views. Other great features include:

  • See an overview of tables, view, materialized views, types, sequences, and more! The over view includes such information as column names and data types, primary and foreign keys, check constraints, and indexes.
  • View DDL for any object in the database that you have access to (Oracle 9i or better required).
  • Enter in an optional where clause and browse the data in your tables or views.
  • Assuming you have the database privileges to do so, update, delete, or insert new records directly.

Power Tune SQL Performance

The Power Tune component is your personal, desktop tuning companion. It gives you the ability to compare the performance of multiple queries at once, and helps you to tune them by providing mouse-click access to Oracle query hints.

  • Browse through all Oracle hints, and instantly see a quick description and syntax guide.
  • View and compare the execution plan and costs of your different queries.
  • Execute the queries and time the retrieval of rows, on the server. This is important because retrieving rows all the way to the client can be slow and inconsistent, throwing off and possibly invalidating comparisons to other query retrieval times.
  • Execute your first query twice, to eliminate the extra cost of Oracle reading the data blocks off of disk and caching in the DB buffer. The second query execution and all further queries will retrieve the necessary data blocks from the buffer (memory permitting), helping to ensure that the comparison is fair.

FTP Client

The FTP Client is a full featured FTP client that allows the user to upload and download files to and from remote FTP servers, using a familiar and intuitive interface. Why bother with a command line FTP program when you can do it all from one application?

  • Drag and drop uploads and downloads using a Windows Explorer interface.
  • Execute custom FTP commands.
  • Compatible with all popular FTP server software.
  • Create and delete remote directories and files easily.
  • Create and store FTP accounts in a strongly encrypted file to give mouse-click access to FTP logins.