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Installing PL/Unit
   Installing PL/Unit

Installing PL/Unit

    PL/Unit is a lightweight unit testing package.  There are no new database tables, views, or other objects required to use PL/Unit.  The only object installed on the database is the actual PLUNIT package itself.  It is self configuring, so once installed, it is maintenance free.  PL/Unit requires Oracle 8i or greater in order to compile correctly.

    To install PL/Unit you can do one of the following:

   Write a PL/Unit test package and execute it.  Apollo Pro will prompt you to install the PL/Unit package in your current schema.  You must have the CREATE PACKAGE database privilege to do this.

   Login to the database and run the PL/Unit install script located in the Apollo Pro\PLUnit directory.  By default, this will be C:\Program Files\Apollo Pro\PLUnit.  The install script is named Install_PlUnit.sql.  You must have CREATE PACKAGE and CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM database privileges, and be able to grant execute on PLUNIT to PUBLIC.  This is the recommended option, as it centralizes the PL/Unit package and gives the entire database access to the same copy of PL/Unit.

    Some of the PL/Unit routines require access to data dictionary objects.  Each database user that uses PL/Unit must have the following privileges.  Without these privileges, PL/Unit may not operate correctly:

   select ALL_OBJECTS
   execute DBMS_UTILITY
   execute DBMS_OUTPUT